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ComScore today released their figures for the year that was 2010. Its like a compendium of figures from other releases that they have put out through the year, and they have added a few predictions for 2011. I’m a sucker for predictions…apart from the tarot card ones.

There are a few interesting figures in there, like the decline in web based email, in favour of mobile mail in just about every age group apart from the over 55, or the fact that 9 out of 10 internet users used a social network site once a month (I still find this fact a bit amazing, but no-one else here does, so perhaps I should just let it lie).

Both Stats NZ and AUT’s World Internet Project do a great job putting data together on our online lives, but its alot harder to get info on our [New Zealand] online commercial activity, in the way that the ComScore data has laid it out for the US

I thought it might be worth a read, so here is the link.

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