Is Jenny Wilson from Reclaim Expert calling you?

Those cheeky cold callers are targeted NZ with another advance fee fraud this week and we’re getting reports to the Orb service about a company called Reclaim Experts targeting Aucklanders.

The ruse? A nice person will attempt to persuade you that you’ve been overcharged bank fees and if you tell them who you bank with and pay an upfront fee of anywhere between $99 and $249 you’ll be sent a cheque for somewhere over $3000. Others have been told the fee covers an application packfor the bank fees refund.

The release code often mentioned is RG00783 and has been reported in Oz from people being contacted by the Department of Reclaim Expert (a government department!)

The company has been widely reported in the UK, Australia and last year in the South Island for cold calling about reclaiming bank fees.

What to do?

  1. Hang up – people on other forums have suggested that being rude will only get you further phone calls often at odd hours of the night
  2. If you want to hear more before hanging up don’t give out personal or banking information even if the offer sounds tempting.
  3. If you’re still convinced you could be owed money then call your bank to confirm. Many banks operate large security departments who proactively try to take down fradulent phishing websites and warn their customers about dodgy deals. You may not love your bank but they work hard to protect you from scammers.
  4. Report the call to the Orb service and we’ll pass the info on to our government partners

Update 25/2/11

Cold callers claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice have tried to charge a woman from Whangarei $199 to cover a bank cheque refund

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88 thoughts on “Is Jenny Wilson from Reclaim Expert calling you?”

  1. Had a lady ring this morning saying bank owed me over $3k. Didnt want my bank acc just licence or passport number i fobbed her off tho saying i hadnt been out of country lol she thought i was mrs johnson from hamilton. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Her name was “chalize” i had to ring her manager “Frank Williams” on 09-889-2729 (Auckland) and quote ref no#SY369, that wont be happening!

  2. They are now targeting Wellington. Took ages to get them to spell out who they were, as their accents were that bad but keyed it up on Google and saw it was a scam. Poor guy,when I told him it was a scam, got very abusive over the phone to me but I just sat there and laughed out loud at him till he hung up. Yes!!!! Another scammer dispatched!!!!

  3. Just had a pnone call from a Indian sounding lady (Jennifer)stating that I was owed $3700 in over payments from my credit card and other bank charges. Strange that she didn’t know which bank I was with.I was to ring Ben Morgan on 09 8892496 and quote a claim no. I haven’t, the cheek of these people trying to scam money from others.

  4. March 02 2011 @ 10.20am
    I have just been contacted by a lady calling herself Jennifer Gibbs from Dept Reclaim Experts, part of the Ministry Of Justice
    she claimed, and I was owed $3,600.47 from overcharged bank fees. I was to call Ben Morgan on 0988 98 772 and quote a code no. she had given me to claim my money. She also gave me an address 147 Victoria Street Auckland Central 1010.
    I think I’ll pass, thanks for the info.

  5. Thanks for letting us know Richard. It’s interesting that the caller tried to convince you the advance payment to an account in India was going to benefit a charity like UNICEF! And that the follow up call was from ‘Money Saving Experts’, one of the very forums where the scam has been widely reported.

  6. OMG! i recieved a phone call this morning and i live in New Plymouth so they are targeting this area now was told the same story except i didn’t need to send anything. The Senior Manager is Ross Daylor ph: (09)8897937 and i was to phone him with my reclaim number to get the refund. The person i was speaking to was Christy Jones my gut feeling told me there was something up wit dis i was even asking questions to try snap her out lol. It just makes me >:( when people like that get your hopes up making you think you are getin some cashhhh.

  7. Same as above!! Just got a call from a very hard to understand ‘Greg John’ who’s mother is English and father Persian! After wasting 20 minutes talking to him, wanting my date of birth, bank name and details, which I did not give him, I was then to phone ‘Ross Daylor’ his manager to confirm my refund of $3647. 09 8897937, 147 Victoria St Auckland. BUT to get my money I had to pop down to NZ Post pay $265 then a courier named ‘Franklin Williams’ would be at my house in 45 minutes to give me my cheque. Frankin suppose to work for NZ Couriers which I rung and no courier there by that name! Oh really….I rung Ross Daylor back told him this and he got really upset and said “well if you dont want ya money I will cancel ya file” and hung up.BEWARE. I also got the speel about how intelligent I sounded so I would know a scam, well yes I did.

  8. I had a call this morning, stupidly I did give out my bank account number and dob, what can I do??????????

  9. Hi Tina,

    If you are concerned about the security of your bank account please contact the bank direct ASAP and explain what happened. There are normally safeguards in place for this sort of situation but given you also supplied your D.O.B then I’d be concerned they may be able to use both sets of info to compile a profile and get access.

    The bank will be able to advise you better but if you have concerns then do call us on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723).

    Did you make a payment at a Post Shop? The advanced fee requested for your refund, as Bobbie reported this morning, is how the companies make money from these calls.

  10. I have had two calls in two days, with different money amounts. The first call was from ‘reclaim experts’ and the second from ‘money saving experts’, both supposedly NZ government departments. I laughed when they told me that, and they got very defensive. After a little banter, mostly me telling them I didn’t believe them, they hung up.

  11. hello,i got a call off them today saying i was owed 3647.00 and had to ring another number both numbers started with 02 800,the person that rang was named RICKY LAWSON,he told me to ring his senior finance manager,name MICHAL SNIDEN.i thought it was to good to be true these things useually are.

  12. Had call this morning from Greg saying I was owed over $3k had to contact Supervisor Ross Taylor with claim no. Greg claimed he was ‘reclaimed expert’ and that the dept is part of the Ministry of Justice and his office is based in central Auckland. They go to a great deal ot trouble to make themselves sound genuine – giving a Central Auckland address – 147 Victoria St but all too good to be true.

  13. I too had a call this morning from a Christine Johns of “Money Saving Expert” advising me that I had been overcharged in bank fees by $3,647.00 and it was to be refunded to me by the government. Same story as above pay $290 at local post shop as advised by Ben Morgan her supervisor. Victoria St address, same as above. When I questioned it being a scam I got the same reaction as Bobbie above. Instead of going to the post shop I’m making a visit to the local police. How easy people could be sucked in, we need to put an end to this.

  14. Thanks Cathy for reporting your call to us.

    It’s funny the company are using the ‘Money Saving Expert’ name now as when you Google ‘Reclaim Experts’ the first link is a forum posting on the UK website about the very scam:

    Please tell your friends and family about the callers as we’re getting constant reports of these cold calls and also people who have sent off the money via Western Union expecting the full bank fees refund. Your advanced fee payment will not secure a refund – talk to your bank for confirmation.

    Save yourself a trip to the police station and submit your full report online at – we triage reports and send them on to our partners and there’s actually very little the Police can do as the scammers are based overseas.

    Spread the word!


    I live in Taupo and was called yesterday by an asian women by the name of “Kirsty Jones “telling me she was with a company called “Money Saving Experts” based in Auckland Central 147 Victoria Street 1010 and as part of a new governmant sceem they where able to give me a rebait because i had been over charged bank fees for the past 10 yrs and it added up to $3647.00 I told her I would take a cheque as I didnt want her knowing my bank details, then I had to ring “Ben Morgan ” on 098893163 when I got to the post shop and he would talk me through the deposit procedure in the amount of $290.00 so my cheque would be released, and I would have my money within the hour special delivery by “Mr Roger Brown” Just a bit suspect!

  16. haha i was just rang by and ANGEL WOOD from Money Saving Expert. Im waiting on a “ROSS TAYLOR TO RING ME BACK” sounded dodgy from the get go. They made me wite down the amount $3,647 and address 147 Victoria st AUCKLAND.

    I was on the internet at the time and found this blog…………ill wait until they ring back though then tell me to send the cheque! Dont give bank details.

    Should be interesting, cant wait lol

  17. Thanks for the tip off Stu – weird the company is using the name Money Saving Expert as that’s run by journalist Martin Lewis in the UK. And 147 Victoria St is home to the NZ Tourist Board

  18. I have just got off the phone myself to this lot. I am in Rotorua. A very foriegn voice told me he was William Cook from the department of money saving experts. He said I was due a refund of $3647.00 from overcharged bank fees. I was sitting right infront of the laptop and googled it getting your forum confirming to me he was a fake. He never got to the bit about me needing to pay anything. I questioned him more. He gave a reference number and his finance manager’s name…Ralph Taylor and a phone number of 09 8899293. He wanted to confirm details with me: D.O.B. address, name which I didn’t give. He said don’t you want your money. He didn’t know who I banked with? I said tell me what info you need and I’ll call you back at another time as I am busy checking you out on the internet. He hung up.

  19. just had a chritsy jomer called saying i was owed bank fee refund from BNZ – wanted me to call ben morgan on 09 8898114 who would send me a bnk chq …. glad i looked on line before doing anything !

  20. I just had the call, wasn’t aware of anything but who has ever heard of the Department of Reclaim Experts. Asked them if Federal or State, that stumped them! NSW was the response. So what is NSW State Gvt ringing a Vic citizen for. Told them work for Federal Government, have just checked internet no Dept of Reclaim Experts exist. They hung up! If they ring me back in the middle of the night, I will give the a moral and ethical reprimand. These people should be in jail! That’s my personal opinion.

  21. Yes it is still happenning – Money Saving Experts in force in Auckland – with same phone number prefix – I was given 889 3438. This phone number belongs to a PSG Payroll Company?!!!
    After third call in less than twenty minutes from the I told the caller I had contacted my bank was about to call the police and isue a trace tru Telecom – this resulted in diabolical verbal abuse from these people. I have since lodged a complaint with the police and my bank have been informed for follow up. Have been advised Fair Go programme was on to these same people in June 2006

  22. omg i live in austraia & i just got a call yesterday from a jenny wilson claiming i had $3647 & to call Ben Morgan on 02 80147527. He called me back the next day sayig i had 2 go 2 the post office & get a western union money spending form.. thought it was a bit sus so decided to google & came here!
    only problem is that they got my name, dob & my address plus the bank im with?
    what do i do????

  23. I just had identical call from Jenny Wilson, same amount, same and was very suspicious, she referred me to Michael Sadder on 02 8005 4727 who asked me to go to the post office. I didn’t. Googled this and ended up here.

  24. Good job Ed, best action is always to Google suspicious calls and offers and see what others have reported. Thanks for reporting they are still active.

  25. they are still on the go these people , jenny wilson rang me from money saving expert , told me i have $3647 owed back to me , i asked her if i could pick the cash up and she said no . told me i can pick up from post office , call shaun russell on 0280036967. i cant believe how silly people are to get fooled from these people , i must say , only loosers get scammed !!

  26. Funny enough I have been getting these calls over the last few days as well. Always for the same anount of $3647. I have asked them to identify who I am and they then say I have to tell them who I am so they can confirm it as being the right person. Other times I have asked them for details like phone number or an address and they hang up on me. How rude are they!!

    I guess they get enough people they can con to keep doing it. just annoying to be getting calls like this all the time.

    I also have calls about a mobile phone that I have been selected for, then told I need to join their plan to receive it.

    The voices sound pretty much the same as Jenny’s co-worker. They go through the same thing wanting personal details as well. Watch out for them too.

  27. Just got another call, but this time it is $5248. Wow getting better all the time.

    Today it was a “Nick Hayden” and his supervisors “Mark Jones” and “Emily Rogers” on phone number 02 80058279. Our phone is listed in a different name and the fake name I provide them some how matched their records. Funny that. Also that they can only provide that number too.

    Well today I reported it to the Police Assistance Line, ScamWatch and also Tesltra.

  28. Just received a call from an Indian-accented man who claimed to be representing Moneysaving Experts, and stated that my bank had overcharged me $3647 and that they could return it to me.

    He asked whether I wanted direct transfer or a cheque. Suspecting a scam I said I wanted a cheque.

    He then obtained my name, postal address, DOB (“for the security question”) and mobile phone number, and asked that I ring Ben Morgan on 0280147527 and quote Application No SN0786 to progress the claim.

    I did as requested and spoke to “Premium Manager” Ben Morgan, who again requested my mobile number. I told him that he already had it, and that I suspected this was a scam.

    He then completely “lost it” and abused me with filthy language, whereupon I hung up.

    Having since Googled the situation I believe it was indeed a scam, and hope that the information I supplied doesn’t give them access for fraudulent purposes.

    Have just reported it to our bank (St George Bank)

  29. Hi Bob, thanks for letting us know that this scam is still active – you are correct to be suspicious, the next step is normally to be asked to pay a few hundred dollars via Western Union money transfer to cover the ‘fee’ for your refund.

    As you’re in Oz I’m not sure what is available in terms of identity theft protection (a company can normally offer you a paid service to monitor cerdit applications).

    To put your mind at rest a lot of what you’ve given the company is likely to be fairly accessible already online or off. However we’d recommend you keep an eye on your credit file and accounts for the next few months to ensure the details are not used for fraudulent applications using your name, address, DOB and number.

  30. Well they are still at it as i also have been targeted.Money Saving Experts Ricky Lawson, his Senior is Shaun Russell. They really like the amount of $3647 dont they? Well im not going to wast a phone call ringing them back….ive got better things to do…..mungrels, hope nobody gets caught.

  31. I have just received a call from Jenny Wilson saying I am owed £3647.. pounds due to overcharges from bank. I asked which bank it was from but they just said it was many different banks. I refused to give them my bank details gave a false birth date and
    the Northern Rock building society which I have got some money in but they are only slightly less dodgy than these scammers.Waiting for Ben Morgan to call me. I will not be sending them any money.

  32. I recieved a call from Elaine from Credit Expert Department telling me I was owed £4281. I was given the relaese code CH207 and told to call 02032392353 to release the money. I spoke to Jenny who confirmed the amount and asked for my date of birth and bank details. I gave my dob but no bank details. I was told that a solicitor would be delivering a cheque to my home within 24 hours. But in the meantime I was to purchase a UKASH voucher worth £175 to pay the solicitor and call Jenny back with the voucher ref number and she would get my money released but when I told her there was no way I would be buying any voucher I was hung up on. I have since been in conatct with my bank to let them know some of my details have been compromised and they have put alerts on my accounts.

  33. Thanks for the report Jaclyn, interesting to hear they are switching names but using the same tactics in the UK. You did the right thing by being suspicious and not paying over the advanced fee for the fraud to affect you – obviously it’s highly unlikely anyone will call you and suggest you are owed money and always check and inform your bank in situations like this.

  34. Got a call today from ‘refund expert department’ of Australian Govt. Said they had 5,298 for me and I could have either bank deposit or cheque. Told them i thought it was crap so no way would they get my bank details. She went through the process of confirming my info… she had my name, address, date of birth and home number. Said I would get a cheque in 24-48 hours. I asked her for a contact number she said I would get one at the end of the call. She then proceeded to let me hear her type for a few minutes and then I enquired “Katherine (the name she gave me) what are you doing?” At that point the phone went dead. So beware

  35. Thanks for letting us know Kylie that this scam is still active – you were correct to assume no one would call you with free money. The amount of information that they knew about you already is to make the proposition sound convincing. If you have any doubts always ask for a phone number and call them back and check with your bank directly if they mention any real company names.

  36. Hi, just found your site.
    They are still at it, I just got a call from “Jenny” at the “Reclaim department”. She told me that I was going to receive $5200 due to excessive bank charges and GST. Would I like a cheque or payed into my bank. I said “cheque please”. Then I said “that’s very nice of them, what’s the catch?” With that, she hung up. She was no fun, I normally keep them going for an hour or more.

  37. just finish a phone call with a Jenny Wilson (that sounded like an indian) saying that i was owed $3647.00 of over charged bank fees….HA what ever. i kept on questioning her so she put on her superviser Sean Lussenn (another indian) tellin me to go to the post office with my licence and phone and $199.00 to deposit into my own bank while talking to them on the phone, then to give them the reciept number then after 2mins i would have $3837.00 in my bank. oh yea and some where in the conversation i was given this reference RG0783 (Random). What F*%#en Fleas……. so i told then the post office was closed and they said they will ring me tomorro, man will i be looking forward to my phone call tomorrow when they ring back! i have a few words and references of my own for them!

  38. Ha!! On call right this moment with Kennedy from the Reclaim “Expert” Dept. of the Australian Government. Apparently, the government wants to return $5248 that I have wrongly been charged (service tax, transaction fees etc.) over time. A quick google has led me to this page and I have now asked to speak to the supervisor. He wants to know how I would like the payment made (cheque/transfer) and wants my DOB. I tell him that if he lets me know the whereabouts of the dept office, I can come and collect the cheque and give out all the details in person. He has my address and says “How will you come? Our office is in Sydney and you live in NSW”. LOL!! I played along for a while and then suddenly, the line went dead. Fun times!

  39. omg i live in qld and just had anne hudson ring saying the exaCT AMOUNT and a reclaim number and put me onto finance manger JOE MARSH on contact ph number 02 80147527 asking all my details how freaky the new my d.o,b husbands name my address what scammers when i called back telling him ive googled them and found out there scammers he startyed abusing me say believe what you want i will destroy your file then and you shall not recieve your money

  40. I also just received a phone call from Jenny Wilson from ‘Money Saving Expert’. What a coincidence that I too was owed $3647 in bank charges??? My reference no was rg00783 and needed to call Shaun Russell on 0280069194 to confirm my details – which of course I didn’t! ‘Jenny’ then called me back and I said I knew it was a scam and hung up. I know how tempting this might be if you have financial problems but I really hope no one gets sucked into this.

  41. Thanks Claire – they seem to be targeting Australia again currently.

    Note that Money Saving Expert is a genuine company in the UK that offers consumers personal finance advice. I have met Martin Lewis and he is no scammer! His site explains about the scam in more detail.

    I actually own the domain of this name and am also not a scammer. Make sure you tell friends, family and colleagues that any cold calls about bank charge refunds are a classic advanced fee fraud and never send cash by money transfer services like Western Union to people you don’t know.

  42. I recieved a phone call today. They said they were from money saving expert & her name was Jenny Wilson. She said that i was going to get back $3647 for being over charged in bank fees. At first it sounded like she was going to send the cheque & someone was going to bring it to me. She gave me a reference number of rg00783 & a sean russell on 0280069194 to ring & then hed let me know what to do to get this money. I rang that number & he said to go to the post office once there hed call me back & let me know what to do. He told me id have to pay $290 to get the money released & then theyd give it back to me with the other money. I asked him how do i know that im going to get this money & he said that i have his details name & number & that he called me back. He rang me back & said to get a western union form to fill in. I ended up hanging up on him & turned my phone off for awhile & gave my mum a call to see what she thought cause i didnt have that money to pay & i looked it up on the internet & found this website. Mum said she got a call a few years ago & was going to do it until she got a call from someone to say it was a scam. He kept trying to call me & when i finally turned my phone back on & talked to him i said that i had spoken to my mum & she said it was a scam. How does she know she isnt my girlfriend & called her a name. Then i said about this website that i found & he started saying a few things to me that i wont repeat & i hung up on him & havent heard from him since.

  43. Hi I’m from the UK and my husband had a call this morning from the famous ‘Jenny’ from the reclaim dept. She requested that my husband purchase a UCASH voucher for the value of £250 and someone would deliver a cheque for £3000 later today. My husband was very wary of the caller and thought he would just agree with Jenny when she said that he had unclaimed bank fees from Halifax bank, he agreed that he had banked with Halifax and went along with the scam. he then went on to tell her that he had never banked with Halifax, to which point she hung up.

  44. got a call from money saving experts today from jenny wilson saying the bank owed me money and to ring shawn russle on 0280069194 thay had all my details bank date of birth and address and my phon is not in my name so beleeved thay were ligit to cut a long story short thay got my last 290dollars for the month f—– arss holes

  45. Sorry to hear that Rion – speak with your bank about the payment, especially if you used a credit card to pay the advanced fee for the refund. I’d also advise you mention what happened to everyone you know/work with as that would at least give you some benefit in knowing you may prevent others from also falling victim.

  46. I am in australia and yesterday i Received a call from a woman named jenny with an indian accent claiming to be from money saving expert which she claimed was commisioned by the australian government and consumer affairs watchdog to contact customers and organize bank fee refunds. I was told the same as the others- refund total 3647,and to call Marvin gibbs on 0280064494 and quote reference number ST 00783. I didn’t call him and she rang back asking why I had not followed through. Unfortunately I had already told her I wanted a cheque so she now has my name, address and date of birth, feel like a bloody idiot! Rang my bank straight away and had them put a note on my file, they were already aware of this scam.

  47. Good job Melissa, keep an eye on your credit file over the next few months to make sure no one is applying for credit or other accounts like mobile service using your personal details. We believe many of these call centres often have copies of customer databases from large corporations which have been ‘borrowed’ at best… Also be sure to tell everyone you know about the offer – these companies seem to be ramping up activities in Australia again with the cold calls and you will be helping others by warning them.

  48. hahahaa…I had some indian guy from reclaim experts ring me and say i was to receive a $5478.23 refund from bank overcharges . I knew this was a scam right away so I played along . I asked him where he was and he said Sydney . I am on the gold coast but I know this guy was not in english . I could hear a gaggle of female telephonist in the background hammering this to other people so it must be a good set up lol. Anyway he asked where I would like the money put . And I said in the bank of oztrailer account number 5999666999 and the bsb number was 000-001 . I lolled and he actually kept going . Then he asked for my personal details which I provided 32/13/1902 . He kept typing as I could hear him . Eventually I had enough of this and told him he was on live television and this was a prank received call . I told him it would be aired to the whole of australia and wanted to know where I could send the royalty cheque … ….I haven’t laughed so hard since the last company tried to give me a free phone . Before they said anything else , I said ok send it to …lol ..Feel sorry for people getting screwed by these halfwits though .

  49. Hi all. I’m from Australia, Adelaide. The infamous Jenny just laid her little scam on me, too. Seriously clumsy scam….

    Should I report them to someone?

  50. I just had a call from one of these guys! I immediately went on the net to see what the deal was knowing it was a scam. He said his name was Alex and that he was from Money Savings Expert and that the Commonwealth bank owed me $3600 in refunded bank fees (i havn’t even been charged this much in bank fees) He didn’t ask for any bank details and he already knew all of my basic details, name address phone number etc. I had to call his supervisor Me Paul Johnson and quote a reference number RF00783 for the company to send me the money. I havn’t called because i know it is a scam but now this “alex” keeps ringing me, even while i am typing this i have had three phone calls!! What cheeky buggers.

  51. Hi, Just had a call from this mob and was told to ring Jenny Wilson, I am in country victoria the main thing that concerned me was that they had my name and address and my birthdate were do they get their information from its a bit scary.

  52. Hi Janine, we think they have customer databases ‘borrowed’ from corporate call centres that give them the angle into the call to persuade you they are legitimate. I’d suggest you report to either of these Victoria based organisations so they can track numbers – this scam has been doing the rounds for 2 years in Oz:

  53. I had a call from these guys today saying the same thing, I was to call Jenny Wilson and quote ref number#####. So I decided to call them back and play along as I wanted to see what they would tell me to do. They told me to go to the post office and once I was there I was to give them a call and Jenny would walk me through what I needed to do. So I acted as if I was at the post office they asked me to get a western union money transfer, once I did that she then asked me how much money was in my pocket when I asked what for? she said it was for the taxes I needed to pay n order to receive the money, jenny told me I was to pay $290 I told her I only had $100 on me… She then said that’s ok can you pay $115 I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and let them know what I thought. A man then came onto the phone and was very abusive, he also admitted that he was a scammer and wouldnt stop he said ” I have made millions from this” he got me so angry I decided to call them every 5 minutes for the rest of the day I will continue to do so until he changes numbers!
    he was so angry because I was holding up the phone line. These people have no shame at all.
    The number that I have is 02) 80062613

  54. Have been having same problems calls coming in over 2 weeks, first Stacey, Dept of Reclaim, then William her superior, did have 6 phone calls in 30mins wanting to know when I was going to the Post Office, then if I didn’t claim my refund it would be donated to charity, told them that would make me very happy.

  55. June 01 5.00pm
    I just had a call from Reclaim Expert dpt. all very weird wanting to give me money for overcharged fees from my Credit union, they wanted 10% of the refundable fees paid before they claim to issue the check, I waited as long as I could whilt tracking their phone number, then phoned the credit union and told them the story and then advised the local Police who were very interested and took all the details, the expert was a very smooth operator, but still sounded fishy. they will be caught eventually.

  56. yep me too – just got a call then saying I was owed $3647 – I didn’t give them my address so they offered that I need to go to the post office & get a Western Union Money Sending Form & call Michael Snaber on 02 8003 5766 & he will tell me how to fill out the form & what to do next. I phoned him to say I was at work & wouldn’t be able to get to a post office & he started saying I have to do it today and surely I can get to a post office & don’t work 24 hours a day. While I was holding on the phone to him, I googled & found all you guys and then hung up. They have called back several times but i’ve just hung up – unfortunately they are calling my work so it’s also harrassing everyone else in my office

  57. I’m in Sydney and I was just called by “John Cooper” (who definitely didn’t sound like a John Cooper) from Money Saving Experts who spun me the same story of overcharged bank fees of the same amount of $3647. He gave me a phone no., 02 800 62613, the same no as Violet from May 17, but was about to give me another one beginning with 02 800 57 …. He gave me the name of Mrs Jenny Wilson who would ring me back on my mobile (if I had been duped into giving it to him before I googled the scam) so she could give me instructions as to how I was to collect my cheque from the post office. I don’t know what my mobile no would have got him, but very happy I didn’t get to find out!

    John Cooper actually told me that the internet was lying! I can’t believe they’re still playing this game. Love your style, Violet, will have my husband follow your annoying-calls-to-them lead!

  58. I just got one of those callers too, wanting to give back to my wife $3000. sounded false from the start. i asked him for his phone number and he said it was 0280084795.
    he wanted me to go to the post office to pick up the money, i said to send it to the house. he said no we can’t do that, i asked for his supervisors name and he told me it was Jenny Wilson. he said when you go to the post office take your mobile phone with you. i said oh yeah??…..then he asked for my mobile phone number. i told him i don’t give it out to people i don’t know….then a second voice came on the line saying something i couldn’t understand then he hung up……silly sausages

  59. Just had a call from a Mark Jones (aussie name for a person with indian accent) saying that he was from Money Savers Expert Dept of the government and that the banks over time have over charged us fees and gave us a reclaim amount number SR02 so that we can go to the postoffice to collect our money He then gave me the name Jenny Wilson & phone number 02 8006 2613 to confirm details and when i did she answered (with an Indian accent so thats when i told her to hold whilst i googled the info i had been given)so when she continued to ask to confirm my details i said to her that if she were a government department she should have all my details and that they called me so why would i have to confirm personal numbers and bank details she hung up on me …. Assholes!!

  60. Had a call today from an indian sounding John Morrison who gave the indian sounding Jenny Wilson and the same phone number 02 80062613. Why can’t they be stopped.

  61. Thanks for the report Andrew. Why can’t they be stopped? A good question – the main issue is they normally operate overseas which brings delay with any kind of police investigation. I would recommend you report the call to your local ‘scamwatch’ style consumer safety organisation so they can try and progress any attempt to follow up the number/company. The best we can do for now is try and get the top spot in Google for anyone searching for the names and phone numbers involved.

  62. I have been called many times and hung up Today they rang again and said they would send a cheque The had my address The figure was $3647.00 I live in Qld Thanks for the info How can these cons get away with it
    Jenny Wilson PH 0280062613

  63. Watch out in Qld I have been contacted by Maec Jones Who passed me onto Jenny Wilson her ph is 0280062613 The figure also was
    $3647.00 BEWARE

  64. Hi
    I am in Brisbane Qld and just had ‘Cyrstal’ call, stating I was owed $3647. She knew my name and my address, but not the name of the bank I used ( I stupidly gave it to her as I figured she couldn’t do much with that info – I am worried now though and wishing I hadn’t). She wanted my mobile but I refused to give it to her. She wanted to know the nearest post office to me which I told her and how far away that was so I could collect my cheque. She also wanted to know if I had a photo ID (passport or Drivers Licence) which I told her I did. She made me write all the information down and then to call ‘Mr Mark Davis’ on 02 80064304. Of course I didn’t and jumped straight online to check it out. She just called back to ask why I hadn’t called back and I told her I didn’t know how she could sleep at night. Should I be worried that these people know my name, address and who I bank with??

  65. Hi Michelle, thanks for reporting the call to NetSafe and the fact the company are now focusing on Queensland with the same scam. Make sure you also report this to the Queensland Office of Fair Treading at It’s likely that your name and address have been obtained from a company database that’s been stolen, leaked or sold on from another source often overseas. The fact they know who you bank with means you should also contact the bank direct so they are aware of the possible misuse of your identity in the future. Often a lot of this information is available online or through other records but do be sure to keep an eye on your accounts and investigate credit report monitoring solutions. Also check out the Fraud info at the Queensland Police site

  66. Thanks so much for this info Chris. I wasn’t sure what was the next best thing to do was so this information is really helpful.

  67. Hi just had the same phone call from Marc Jones, saying that he was organising a cheque for $3647 to be sent to my P.O. He knew my Name (inc. maiden and Married name), address and whom I bank with. He asked for a mobile telephone number – to which I gave a fake one! Then proceeded to chat me up and ask me to go over to NSW with this money and take him out for drinks and dinner!!!! He ended the conversation by telling me to call Jenny Wilson then said I love you mwah xx……OMG how do get all this info and what can they actually do with it? He wasn’t really phishing just telling me what he already knew…

  68. I just been called by this scums over weeks, and just for today i speak with them (usually when i receive the call the hung up) luckyly my phone got screen and its telling me that its from overseas and its a private number. They then obtained my name DOB, postal adress and bank i banked with. Then they asked me to go to my nearest post office, this is when i got very cautious. Bcs if its goverment why would they ask us to go there and not giving us checks? Then i got called on mobile phone number its from +91621 i checked the country code and its from india. And its fits perfectly with their accent.
    In the end i didnt go to post office, and choose to browse about this.
    Lucky i find this website. Now i just need to call my bank just in case of protection.
    Thank you guys for this useful website!

  69. Thanks for reporting Kennard – as you gave over your name, DOB and address make sure you report this to a scam agency in Australia (we know of in Western Australia and in Victoria). It would also be worth keeping an eye on your credit file for the next few months to ensure no one is using your identity for their own benefit.

  70. Just had a call from the same scammers. They knew my address , first initial & last name. Funnily enough the had reclaimed $3647 for overcharging of bank fees. They asked for the bank I dealt with and how long I had been doing so. I found it strange that they had no idea who the bank was. I ask them for their details and I would call them back , after I goggled their company ” Money Savings Expert Dept ” to see if it was a scam. Next thing I heard was Beeep , Beeep , Beeep.

  71. They rang me today, same MO. I didn’t give them my mobile number or licence number and didn’t ring the supervisor, who I was told was Jenny Wilson. They’ve just rung me again and asked why I haven’t contacted the supervisor and don’t I want my money back. I told him no, I didn’t want my money back. I could hear the surprise in his voice? Why don’t you want your money back he asked. Because there’s no money owed to give back, I replied. Beep….beep….beep ….. lol

  72. I have just received a phone call from a David Hudson who said he was from Money Saving Expert and I was going to receive $3647 in overcharged bank fees. This man new my name and address and asked which bank I was with. Didn’t ask for account details or licence number. I was told to ring Jenny Wilson on 0280062613. I was also given an application number. I havent rung this person. I am in Queensland

  73. I just received a call today from a Heidi Wilson from Reclaim Expert Dept. And she said I was owed money by my bank (and mentioned the case against banks as seeon on TV), and as it was for many customers the Bank was unable to pay back and so the Govt would be paying me back. She sounded convincing, she already knew my bank, my surname, full postal address and first name initial. I was a bit skeptical and asked a lot of questions. But I did give my DOB (the ‘security identifier) and first name, she said she was filling my application for getting the money back. She wanted my middle name too. I then asked what was the initial she had on her system, and she just got abrupt and said as I was so skeptical she would need to send me a letter first with all the info and hung up…I contacted my bank, they said it sounds dodgy and put an alert on my account. I’m upset that though bit skeptical I gave them my DOB and first name. Hope I don’t get into any trouble 🙁

  74. I had a call in Sydney AUSTRALIA. I figured it was a scam when asked to deposit $290 and then this security moneies would be returned to me along with nearly $4K. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  75. Had a call here in Adelaide today (10/1/2013) from a heavily accented (Asian?) man claiming to be Australian born with a Fijian father and Australian mother. He claimed that he was based in NSW near the Botanic Gardens in Chatswood.

    Verification Officer Robert Bolock, acting he said for the Australian government and the Australian Banking Association, advised me that there was $3647, payable for past bank overcharges, available for payment by checque or collection in cash from the P.O.

    I was given a Reclaim Application Number and advised to phone Finance Manager Jenny Wilson on (02) 8006 2613 to get the necessary Check Receipt Number.

    Call was disconnected after I asked him whether Jenny Wilson was an employee of the Australian Banking Association or contracted to them.

    I didn’t believe that my Credit Union could have collected that amount in charges and found notice of New Zealanders complaining of this scam (Google search 02 8006 2613 Jenny Wilson).

  76. Ben Morgan is at it again… Now he and his crew of fraudsters are targeting country NSW. I was handed the phone the other day and sure enough it was Mr Morgan instructing a friend of mine the finer details of how to fill in a Western Union money transfer form… Long story short this had happened 7 times prior and over 10 grand was given to these bastards… I cant believe that government agencies cant stop these parasites. All of the money transfer systems world wide need to be tightened up… There needs to be a 48 hr holding period mandatory ifn its a cash transaction… There are people out there far smarter than me that can fix this joke surelly…. Ben MORGAN …be warned I will be in your country soon and i will ask arround and hunt you down like the human filth that you are……..

  77. Now when they ring up I waste as much of their time as possible. I simpy ramble on, or put the phone down and if it ties up one of their lines great, another victory. As Silvester quipped they drew first blood. Now I am thinking of blowing a whistle when they ring. I pretend to be amazed at the offer and really play along with it constantly ask them to repeat what they say what ever it takes to drag it out as long as possible. Even had their supervisor hang up in me, another small victory.

  78. 08 April 2013 1:00 pm
    I received a phone call from a person by the name of Frank Cooper and he sounded very much Indian with his speaking. He claimed that his position is Confirmation Officer from the office of the Reclaim Dept. of the Australian Federal Government telling me that they government will be paying me a sum of $5,248,00 which accordingly I had been over charge with bank fees etc. He gave me an application Code No DK068 which he advise me to call the Manager Jacqueline Douglas on this no 02 80069399 for her to issue the check. I gave her a ring and told her of my code no then she asked me how would I like my reclaim money to be paid I told her that I want it by check sent through the mail. She gave me the check no. 0712 as well as the Identification no 889015 but at the end she told me and asked me if I have $199.00 at the moment coz accordingly before the check will be released and sent to me I need to pay this amount for the lawyers pay who work on this reclaimed amount. I queried her and told her why do I have to pay this amount when the check hasn’t been sent to me yet. Replied No the money $199.00 should be paid first because they lawyer is from overseas and they need the payment first. Advice me to go to the post office and send the money through the Western Union. Luckily I did not go as I went on the net to find out whether this legal or fraud. I’ve came across people writing about similar situation. So what I did was to ring up the manager Jacqueline and told her that I am not going to pay the $199.99 as it seem fraud to me and she hang up and did not say anything to me when I told her I went to search the net.

  79. Hi just heard from a indian man saying that I have been overcharged at the bank .He said he was from Government and that I had $4587 unclaimed overcharged fees waiting to be collected. I was given a phone number to ring and a code to refer to .The code was fs621 and the phone number was 0280068078 and was the manager her name was Jenny Wilson ‘Consequently I rang the number and was given instructions to go to the nearest post office to complete the change over .Before I entered the post office I was to call her and with this in place I needed licence and $290 and she would tell me what I needed to do from there.I tried to look up unclaimed money and how to regonise a scam and also typed in her name and this led me to facebook which says she is a singer any way hope this helps someone as now I am getting no end of phone calls so I have turned off my mobile

  80. I just had a man try and call my 83 year old mother and I answered the phone, I claimed I was my mother and he asked for my date of birth I asked for his managers number and he said after you give me your date of birth. So I replied we have a problem here then because you want my date of birth and I want your managers number. He argued with me and then asked if I wanted a check or it to be put in my bank account I said that I wanted a check and he asked what bank I was with. I said he did not need my bank to send me a check. He continued to argue with me so I hung up. I’m just glad it was me who answered the phone and not my mother.

  81. The scam continues, same story, same names…maybe John from country NSW will track them down to their den…if they are tracked down, and the evidence can be gathered from their equipment, activities and transactions, will the Indian authorities do anything? The scumbags are probably working from data provided as part of off-shore customer relations operations either stolen or gone bust or taken away. I think the whole issue needs to be investigated/raised publicly by international media and treated seriously by authorities at the international level to help stamp it/them out.

  82. Today I received a call from “Heidi Wilson” who had a foreign accent and claiming to be from the Commonwealth Bank Head Office in Sydney. She was calling about over charges to my account and that the Australian Government would be “repaying” the over charges. I asked her to hang on while I grabbed pen and paper.

    I asked for her name again and she repeated her broken English spiel, and then asked me to confirm my date of birth. I refused and said “Can you please give me a number that my local bra…” and bam! She hung up…very obviously a scam so please be careful…if it were my local manager and they knew me, I would go into the branch and if it were legit, the bank wouldn’t phone everyone…they would do a mass print run and send you a letter.

    I posted the above on the Commonwealth Bank’s facebook page and they advised to always call their 132221 number to verify the validity of the call, but would pass on to the appropriate team foe investigation….SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!

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